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Welcome to Underground Leak Detection

Underground Leak Detection has the experience, expertise and equipment to detect problems that cannot be seen. Try us, we may be able to assist with a problem for which you think there is no solution.

Non Destructive Testing To Locate Utilities And Hidden Problems.

We specialise in non-destructive testing techniques to locate leaks in townhouse complexes or industry, seepage and groundwater problems, predicting machine failure and locating sub-surface utilities with ground radar , complex roof or pipline leaks in many different situations.

Leak detection & water loss services

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Pipe, cable, sonde locating & CCTV camera inspections

Pipe, cable, sonde locating and CCTV cameras are used to trace pipes, cables or sewers with a starting point while GPR is used to trace utilities anywhere on the surface.

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Ground Penetrating Radar

A ground survey can locate the position subsurface water pipes, sewers, manholes, cables. Even shallow graves and disturbed ground can be detected.

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Infrared Inspections

Infrared images are simply temperature images. Whether you are looking for cooling loss, a leak in a wall, a difficult roof leak, an overheated bearing or faulty mechanical part, IR will probably detect the problem before it develops into a costly breakdown.

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Interesting Facts
1litre per minute water loss is roughly 40 000 litre per month.
Towns generally loose 25% or more of water through leaking pipes.
If you suspect a pool leak, place a bucket on the first step and fill to the same level as the pool. If the level of water in the pool drops below that of the bucket, then there is a leak.
If you suspect a water leak, close all taps and  place your ear against a water pipe. If a faint hissing sound is heard there could be a leak.